So I decided one day to get some flowers for every single stylist in the salon where I working.

floristsWe all like flowers and none of us ever gets flowers so I thought that would just be a cool little gesture and something to do that would be encouraging and would brighten up the salon for a week.

So I went online and searched for florists and came up with a few. Called a few of them and asked what they had and ended up settling on a company called Kara’s Victorian flowers and gardens.

Wasn’t sure what the whole Victorian gardens component was about but there was the word ‘flowers’ in their name and their website looked good so I went with that one.

It turned out to be a mom-and-pop type of shop that they had run forever and they were the nicest people to talk to on the phone.

I told them what I was looking for and they worked with me to create customized little bouquets that were perfectly tailored for each of the stylists that was in the salon.

I could have gone down to the store if I had wanted to but I didn’t really feel like taking the time to do that. So I did all of the arranging over the phone.

bouquet of flowersI looked through their website and decided on the kinds of flowers and the colors that I wanted. And then I looked at some other specialty arrangements. I thought that some of them would be fun for the girls. So they were able to create the arrangements and send them over to the store, have them delivered in other words, and I made payment just online. It could not have been any easier.

The flowers came on a day when I was working and they surprised us all. Well I wasn’t completely surprised because I knew they would be coming at some point that day but I didn’t know when.

So when the florist opened the door and walked in with the whole tray of these awesome little bouquets, it was just the most fun thing.

Each of the girls was really excited to have her own little bouquet.

So that was my introduction to Kara’s. They operate out of Lady Lake, I think, and they’re also in directories for florist central FL and florist Groveland and florist Clermont. But I think they can take online orders and deliver those to anywhere.

When I looked through their website, I could see that they also have specialty bouquets and arrangements for holidays and special events flowers: like Mother’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day . . . all the big observed holidays and random ones in between as well.

They also do funeral flowers and event flowers and ceremonies and church events and banquets.

Of all of those events, probably weddings are the biggest events that involve the most flowers. You’ve got all the individual bouquets and boutonnieres and wrist things. And all of the big arrangements that stand up in front or that flank the aisle. It’s a giant production. But of course they do wedding flowers, too.

So anyway, I was very happy to find Kara’s.