This blog post is going to be about products.

best hair products

I often have clients come in and ask me about what products are best or how they need to change what they’re applying to their hair to make it cooperate better and do what they wanted to do. Products range from what you put on your hair before you wash it to what you put on the hair and leave while you’re washing it to what you rinse out of it to what you put on your hair after you have rinsed it and it’s still wet.

Then you have products that you put on your hair after it’s dry, which are usually conditioning products or products that allow you to shape and control your hair or give it volume.

These are products for consumer use. In other words, salon products stay in the salon and you buy products that you take out of the salon and use in your home.

However, there is another category of products that gets applied to your hair but stays in the salon. These products are things like clarifying shampoos or color treatments including highlights and low lights, bleachers, special applications to bulk up the hair or calm it down or bring it under control.

These are not consumer products. These are only commercially available and for use only in a salon. But these products are not what this blog is about.

So I will often have clients that come in complaining of limp and fine hair that is unmanageable or hair that is frizzy and unmanageable or hair that feels like a haystack and is unmanageable.

Unmanageability is usually the common denominator.

There are different products that address each one of these situations.

hair conditionerI also ask where my clients are living and what sort of water they are using to wash their hair with. A frequent culprit for haystack hair is washing it with hard, untreated water. Mineral deposits get layered on the hair shaft and make hair become dull and thick and lifeless. So I usually suggest a clarifying shampoo that strips off the minerals and restores hair to its original condition. But often this stripper has to be used regularly as long as hard water is continuing to be used for washing the hair.

I usually suggest that after the hair is stripped, that a good high quality shampoo and conditioner are used. There are some shampoos that are just full of fillers and water.

The price of salon products can be a hard pill to swallow if you have only ever bought your shampoo and hair products from a discount store like Walmart or a drug store.

Salon prices will be at least double and sometimes triple the prices of a discount store. But people don’t realize how much water and filler they are paying for in a discount-brand product. So not only are they spending money on junk that is worthless (the filler and water) but they’re also putting that junk on their hair!

Once my clients realize that, they more willing to buy higher-quality salon products.