Hair Products

The subject of what to put on hair after it’s cleaned is a whole topic in itself.

I have clients that come in for a haircut or hairstyle and I just run my fingers through their hair and can tell that they have tons of product on their hair. This can include shampoo, conditioner, paste, root volumizer, and hairspray.

hairstyles What most of my clients are trying to do is bring volume to their hair to lift up the roots and do some styling and shaping. What happens is that when there’s that much product sitting on the hair strands, that the hair just gets weighed down and ends up going completely flat. And then it’s sort of like a helmet because it’s flat and it has the weight of all that product in it and it’s not fluffy or clean-looking.

But my clients end up finding themselves in between a rock and a hard place because without any product, their hair sits there very flat and then with product the ultimate result is the same thing–flat hair.

I’ve had to wean some of my clients off of the overuse of products such as hairspray and mousse and paste.

What typically happens is that it’s a hard sell to get these women off of their product use. But I find that if I recommend them taking one product out of their regimen at a time, then they begin to see what a difference it makes in their hair. And then they’ll take out another product or two without me even telling them to.

The time of year and the weather conditions also have an effect on my clients’ hair. The clients that I have an ongoing relationship with will pop into the shop randomly just to ask for advice. That works really well because I can just scrunch their hair up and in a second feel what’s going on and then tell them what I think they should do.

It does often involve a different product or another product, so I know that sometimes they feel like they’re always buying new product. But I do know that difference in humidity and weather and sun exposure really does make a difference on hair.

So I am upfront about that and they don’t have to buy anything, but I tell them what’s going on and I show them the product that will work if they’re interested.

hair product stores None of these products are available at drugstores. You basically have to get it from our store or from the beauty supply store which usually requires a license. I just try to remind my clients that quality products are what we carry. Watered down or filled products are what they will find in discount stores and drugstores.

In general, the less junk a person puts on their hair the better. As a general rule, too much of any product will take like away from hair, not add to it.

A little paste, a little gel, a little hairspray . . . that’s ok. What I’m saying is, don’t fall overboard into the stuff. And whatever you use, make sure it’s good quality. Don’t put cheap, crappy junk on your hair.